Installing VMware Tools in CentOS

After installing a test CentOS webserver i’ve encountered many different ways to install VMware Tools in CentOS. This blog explains the easiest way to install VMware Tools in a CentOS virtual machine.

  1. Initiate the install process from the host, click “Install VMware Tools”
  2.  Open a terminal and log in as superuser (su).
  3.  Create a mount point for the VMware Tools virtual disc, and mount it:
    $ mkdir /mnt/cdrom
    $ mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
  4. Extract the VMware Tools archive to /tmp:
    $ tar -C /tmp -zxvf /mnt/cdrom/VMwareTools-7.6.2-71224.tar.gz
  5. Unmount the disc:  $ umount /dev/cdrom
  6. Launch the installer and answer the interactive questions (NO to experimental):
    $ /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib/