Microsoft App-V error ‘You do not have access to this information’ after installation

Recently after a fresh install of an App-V 5.1 environment I ran into an error managing the applications. When I browsed to the freshly installed App-V 5.1 management server I got the error ‘You do not have access to this information. Please Check your credentials‘. Even when the user / group was added to the App-V admin group.


After some research i discovered this was caused by the fact that the App-V management servers where not added to the App-V admin group. After adding the Active Directory computers accounts to the App-V management group the connection was working.


Basic App-V 5 Client PowerShell Commands

These PowerShell commands should be run on an App-V 5 Client computer. The first step is importing the App-V module, as it’s not imported by default.

  • Import-Module AppvClient

This must be run to import the module to allow PowerShell to run PowerShell cmdlets for the App-V 5 Client.

  • Get-Command -Module Appvclient

This gets a list of PowerShell commands for the App-V Client module.

  • Add-AppvPublishingServer -Name [Name of App-V Publishing Server] -URL [URL]

Adds the specified App-V 5 Publishing Server to the App-V 5 Client.

  • Sync-AppvPublishingServer -Name [Name of App-V Publishing Server]

Syncs the App-V 5 Client’s apps with the App-V 5 Publishing Server.

  • Add-AppvClientPackage \\Servername\Sharename\Appfilename.appv

Adds a package to the local App-V 5 Client.

  • Add-AppvClientPackage \\Servername\Sharename\Appfilename.appv | Publish-AppvClientPackage -Global